TACHOSPEED, General Information
TachoSpeed software is an application designed to automatically read the driving time, resting periods, breaks and periods of availability from analogue tachograph charts.  Additionally, upon activation of the digital module, the TachoSpeed software allows analyses of digital tachograph data and drivers' charts. 


TachoSpeed complies with the "Drivers Working Hours Act" dated 16th April 2004, and the European agreement on international road transport - AETR (1999 Journal of Laws, no.94 item 1087) as well as the latest Resolution (WE) no. 561/2006 of European Parliament and European Council dated 15th March 2006.  TachoSpeed creates reports to help maintain control both at a company premises and on the road. 

Keeping Drivers Time Sheets and downloading data from digital tachographs and drivers charts.                              


  How it Works  






 Tachospeed overall description of the product 


Keeping Drivers Time sheets and downloading data from digital tachographs and driver cards.


Drivers hours analysis based on analogue and digital tachographs.


     Tachospeed Modules

  • analogue tachographs;
  • digital tachographs;

  • RTD report + current schedule of charges;

  • Drivers Time sheets in compliance with working time regulations;

  • calculation of drivers travel expenses;

  • fuel module – average fuel consumption report;

  • reminder.

     What does the software contain?

 Each software version enables you to generate:

  • Road Inspection Report – driver’s infringements with attached schedule of charges according to Regulation No 561/2006;
  • Driver Time sheets – calculation of driver hours, overtime, POAs, night work;

  • All Drivers Time sheets – working time summary report;

  • WTD Report for Crews – crew working time summary;

  • Vehicle Mileage Report – distance discrepancy (odometer vs charts);

  • calculation of Travel Expenses;

  • average Fuel Consumption Reports;

  • lists of important dates and deadlines


  See how much time you can gain!


  Routines for 1 Driver          

 By Traditional Method  

  By Using Tachospeed      

  1  Tacho chart reading           5 minutes   1 minute
  2  Data saving  2 minutes   0 seconds
  3  Working time totalling  1 minute   0 seconds
  4  Verification with AETR  15 minutes  10 seconds
  5  Generation driver timesheet  15 minutes  10 seconds
  Total  38 minutes  1 minute 2 seconds
  6 Generating weekly WTD report

 7 x 38 minutes         

 7 x 1 minute 20 seconds 
  Weekly Total  4 hours 26 minutes  9 minutes


Time gained is 4 hours and 17 minutes. 


      What else?


  Routines for 1 Driver                          

 By Traditional Method  

 By Using Tachospeed     

 1  Allowance calculation  10 minutes  15 seconds
 2  Calculation of fuel consumption    3 minutes  15 seconds
 3  Calculation of vehicle costs    2 minutes  15 seconds
 4  Verification of route profitability    5 minutes  15 seconds
 Total  20 minutes  1 minute
 5  Generating a weekly report  7 x 20 minutes  7 x 1 minute
 Weekly Total  2 hours 20 minutes  7 minutes


   Time gained 2 hours 13 minutes per week.

By means of Tachospeed you can save up to 6.5 hours per week per one driver!   You can multiply this time by a number of your company drivers and then you will see how much you gain.


      What makes Tachospeed unique?


  • It works in compliance with the latest drivers hours rules, that is Regulation No 561/2006;
  • easy installation;
  • competitive price;
  • digital and analogue tachograph data analysis;


   Available language versions:


Supporting 18 different languages including:

English, French, German, Polish, Romanian, Ukrainian, Czech, Slovak, Portuguese, Spanish, Croatian.


Reports can be produced to contain two different languages.


      Other features


  • working in the net (MULTI version)
  • innovative quality and modern information technology;
  • individual software adjustments;
  • after-sale service and technical assistance;
  • easy access to updates.


Tachospeed helps you to download and save data, which is the duty of transport undertaker according to the Regulation No 561/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council.


      System Requirements


  • PC with 2 GHz;
  • 1 GB of RAM (Windows Vista 2 GB recommended)
  • 300 MB of available hard disk space;
  • CD-ROM drive;
  • USB port;
  • tacho chart scanner (300 DPI and black document cover) and/or driver card reader;
  • monitor screen with 1024×768 Pixels (1920×1080 Pixels recommended)
  • LAN card for multi-station version;
  • Internet or telephone access for software activation and updates.


   Operating System


  • Microsoft Windows Vista/7/8/10  (recommended Windows 7)
  • Linux (the program should be run through Wine software)


    Recommended & Supported Scanners


  • Canon Lide 110/20 & 220
  • Plustek PS 281
  • Plustek PS 286