TACHOSPEED, Benefits & Reports
The software allows processing and analysis of retrieved data with respect to rules and regulations concerning driving times, resting periods and breaks, as well as keeping record of working time.  Moreover, the application allows calculating the drivers' allowance, creating fuel reports required to control fuel consumption, as well as creating drivers' and vehicles documentation.


The software allows processing and analysis of retrieved data with respect to rules and regulations concerning driving times, resting periods and breaks, as well as keeping record of working time.  Moreover, the application allows calculating the drivers' allowance, creating fuel reports - required to control fuel consumption, as well as creating drivers' and vehicles documentation.

Tachospeed is now being used by the UK Police Force.




TachoSpeed allows storing data read from tachograph charts, as well as archiving and visualisation of data retrieved from the system of digital tachographs.  The created database may be then filtered or sorted in respect to numerous criteria, i.e. drivers' names, vehicles' registration numbers, the place of departure or arrival, etc.  Our software applications allows, as first in Europe, the use of sheet-fed scanners while scanning the tacho-charts, which visibly shortens the process.


Our software comprises several main modules:

  • digital module,
  • recording module
  • driving time, break and resting period module,                     
  • enhanced control allowance module,
  • reminder module                                                   


TachoSpeed complies with the "Drivers Working Hours Act" dated 16th April 2004, and the European agreement on international road transport - AETR (1999 Journal of Laws, no.94 item 1087) as well as the latest Resolution (WE) no. 561/2006 of European Parliament and European Council dated 15th March 2006.  TachoSpeed creates reports to help maintain control both at a company premises and on the road. 

Keeping Drivers Time Sheets and downloading data from digital tachographs and drivers charts


Drivers hours analysis based on analogue and digital tachographs 


Tachospeed is used for automatic reading of drive times, rest periods, breaks and POAs from tacho charts as well as for drivers’ hours analysis in WTD reports.

Tachospeed enables to store the data read from the tacho charts in an electronic form. This helps to process and analyse the data while generating the reports. A database can be filtered and sorted according to many available criteria such as the date, driver name, vehicle registration number as well as start and finish location.



  • Road Inspection Report - driver’s infringements with attached schedule of charges according to Regulation No 561/2006;
  • Driver Timesheets - calculation of driver hours, overtime, POAs, night work.
  • Drivers Timesheets - working time summary report
  • WTD Report for Crews - crew working time summary
  • Vehicle Mileage Report - distance discrepancy (odometer vs charts);
  • calculation of Travel Expenses;
  • average Fuel Consumption Reports;
  • lists of important dates and deadlines.

TachoSpeed main functions comprise:

  •  Scanning up to six tacho-charts into the BMP format by means of flat-bed scanners,
  •  One-side scanning of approx. 12 tacho charts per minute by means of sheet-fed   scanners,
  •  Automatic read out of drivers’ working time and mileage from the tacho-charts,
  •  Archiving and browsing of stored data from the tacho-charts and drivers’ ICCs.
  •  Generating of reports on drivers’ driving times, resting periods, breaks and PoAs with respect to various timeframes,
  •  Identification of legal violations including the calculation of fines in accordance with tariff-charts in force,
  •  Generating of working hours reports for HR purposes (overtime, overtime calculation),
  •  Settling of drivers’ allowance and accommodation charges,
  •  Calculation of actual fuel consumption based on full tank refueling,
  •  Reminders of important events,
  •  Comparison of drivers’ working times and mileages on the same routes,
  •  Manual editing of working time and mileage


Example Screen Shots

Time line of Activities, Calendar, Activities & Infringements