Fully Compliant Tachograph software for the UK

Most importantly it is fully compliant for the UK.  Even Regulation No. 561/2006.  Further more it can produce road inspection reports as well as driver time sheets.  Finally producing infringement reports.

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Read Analogue & Digital Tachographs

Read analogue and digital tachographs with ease.

Driving Time Compliance

Because the software allows you to process and analysis your data with respect to the rules and regulations for driving times.

Log Resting Periods

As well as resting periods, breaks and keeping a record of working time.

Direct from the vehicle

You can also read data from from the vehicle unit.

Tachospeed Desktop

Tachograph Analysis

Analysis and account for your important drivers working time.

Furthermore this software is used by the Police and Road Transport Inspectors.

As a result of for the introduction of the new smart meters we are preparing updates so that we are ready.

Above all it is 561/2006 compliant.

What’s more you can test Tachospeed for free.

Tachograph Analysis Software

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    Thanks to the Tachospeed program, you can settle drivers' work in accordance with regulations, saving you a lot of time. The level of service from both the commercial and technical side is high, observing all the rules of professionalism.
    Renata Miciul
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    The supplied Tachospeed software is regularly used in the process of training police traffic officers run by the Police Training Center in Legionowo.
    Insp. Anna Gołąbek
    Police Training Center in Legionowo

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  • Account for your drivers working time
  • Read and archive files from your driver’s card
  • Ensure 100% compliance
  • Comply with UK requirements
  • Conforms to Regulation No. 561/2006 and AETR
  • Prepare for PIP and ITD control
  • Create a record of drivers’ work time
  • Allow for normal work, downtime, night hours & shifts
  • Manage overtime, Sunday and holiday hours
  • Calculate salaries based on accurate records
  • Save administration time