Commercial Motor News

Thursday 15th November 2018

News artical to be published in the Commercial Motor Magazine .


Thursday 8th November 2018

With the new Tariffs module you can create (upload) your own tariffs or those of various suppliers, and use that to generate quotations in seconds.


Features for 2019

  • Cloud-based and user friendly. Access anytime, anywhere, and from any device that is connected to the internet!
  • Customers relationship management.
  • Inquiries, Tariffs and offers management.
  • Shipments and documents management.
  • Manage Accounts Receivables and Payables.
  • Online branded portal for your customers.
  • Integrated with INTTRA and WinWebConnect, enabling you to communicate with 90+ airlines and 50+ shipping lines.
  • Track the performance of your sales team.
  • Various reports on the volume, financial and performance analysis.
  • The system is available in English, Spanish and French.
Motor Transport News

Monday 26th November 2018

News artical to be published on the in the Motor Transport Magazine .


Thursday 8th November 2018

You can now customise Customers and Agents into different “tiers” and set suggested selling rates for every group to make the pricing process more efficient.


Thursday 3rd January 2019

Upgrade your ERP System to an advanced cloud based one.

Tachospeed News

Thursday 6th Septmeber 2018

Tachospeed news update 2.86.1 (04.09.2018 r.) New functionalities: Extending the Driver editor functionality; Speed up the import of digital files; New Main program options (one option [..]


Thursday 12th November 2018

DJI hobbyist could have had their live vidoe feed spied on by hackers.


Mid January 2019

Latest version will be launched.